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1. Controlled Fluid Management (CFM) technology

Controlled Fluid Management (CFM) technology is a combination of controlled air flow, absorptive dressing and distal canister, enabling the Avance Solo NPWT system to deliver continuous regulated negative pressure      .



2. Pump

Regulates pressure to deliver a continuous -125mmHg negative pressure  . Regular cycling of the pump ensures that fluid is constantly transported to the canister and that the vacuum is maintaned at target levels      .



3. 50 ml canister

Excess fluid is transferred to the canister, reducing potential for the dressing becoming fully saturated  . The canister may be replaced by clinician, lay carer or the patient themselves    .



4. Safety

Visual signals and audible alarms for leakage, blockage and low battery help to ensure that loss of therapy or system issues are promptly addressed to enable therapy to continue        .



5. Safetac Technology

Avance Solo Border dressings Safetac® adhesive has been proven to minimise trauma to wound site and surrounding skin upon dressing removal        , and to minimise pain to the patient during dressing removal    .

6. Border dressing & Foam

Avance Solo Border dressings will continue to absorb exudate even if negative pressure is lost, and conforms to body contours at difficult to dress areas, e.g. knees  . Can be used with Avance Solo Foam.

How to apply

Watch this instructional video to learn how to apply the Avance Solo system.


How it works

Our guides on how to use Avance Solo includes things such as how to change the canister, achieving a seal, as well as what the various alarms mean and other smart tips and tricks. Click below to learn more.

Using the system

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