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The clinical aims of ciNPT include:


1. Reducing tensile stresses at the incision site, which reduces the risk for contamination and dehiscence  .


2. Reducing/eliminating dead-space within the incision – preventing formation of haematoma and seroma that may delay healing and contribute to complications such as SSIs  .


 3. Reduce oedema and improve perfusion – enhancing clearance of fluid to the lymphatic system reducing compression of microvasculature at the incision site  .

Surgical specialities where ciNPT is used

  • Orthopedic
    Primary and revision arthroplasties

  • Cardiothoracic

  • Obgyn
    Abdominal hysterectomy

  • General/Colorectal
    Ventral hernia repair

  • Vascular
    Groin incisions

  • Plastic
    Abdominal wall reconstruction
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The clinical aims of dNPWT include:


1. Removal of exudate and fluid – dNPWT can be a valuable adjunct to supporting healing in complex and slow to heal wounds  .


2. Optimise wound healing – improving wound bed preparation that supports healing  .


3. Granulation tissue formation – increase microvascular blood supply and promote formation of granulation tissue  .


Wound indications where dNPWT is used
  • Acute wounds
  • Traumatic wounds
  • Sub-acute wounds
  • Dehisced wounds
  • Grafts

Pressure injuries

Avance Solo Adapt NPWT system is indicated for use on pressure injuries, where it is desirable/necessary to be able to customise the dressing to fit to contoured anatomy in order to achieve a seal.

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